Tuesday, May 29, 2007

L~Shandi Designs

Hi everyone, bawo ni, kwenu I missed you'all and I love u yes you, viewing this. Guess what I have bn busy with so many things , cant really list them.
Im not quite happy with this london weather it's just horrible, It's been raining since last week and its still freezing I mean what the heck is happing? Is this part of the so-called Global warming or what?

The happy bit....
Just found out about this new Nigeria outfit website.
Enjoy and tell me what you think about it-----------------------------------------

It is calledL~shandi

The name L~Shandi is a Nigerian street slang "Lepa Shandy". Lepa Shandi is the term for slim women
check out their website
some of their designs......what do you think of it?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Make we jolly - patience ozorkwor

Just heard the music on youtube and I like the beats, learnt it normally a Ghana hip hop life group called VIP and was sang by Ahomka Womu.
Here is Mama G 's version


Lovely Weather

Guess summer is coming gradually and you know what Im so excited, abi now what else.

This morning as I was going out, got a Bus and as we were going there was this white man that wanted to get on the bus but he was so enjoying his cigarette that when the bus was staying right infront of him, doors opened for him he probably thinks the driver would wait for him to just smoke extra bit of it, but then the driver drove off, everyone including me started laughing...oloshi if it was an interview he was going to, such thing would have happened to him, but I mean why on earth do people smoke, and they're really loving how they killing themselves gradually? If you are a smoker, please find a way to stop now, it like it's an enemy of progress to me oh.

So back to the weather, I woke up and tuned the Tv to the station they going to say what the weather will be like, they predicted 22 as i would say because sometimes they lie lol and that it's going to be dry , I love summer, summer oh yea summer

Here's a short poem:

The sun was shining brightly;

The days are getting warmer

And The rain had gone away.

Summer is a time to be Enjoying summer days

Relaxing, reading, sleeping late, Swimming, Going on Holidays.

Summer is the perfect time For having lots of fun.

I can stay up now and watch my favorite shows,

Go to movies, shop the malls, And, after that, who knows?

Let’s make the most of every day,

There is no time to lose, It’s wonderful to have the chance to do anything we choose.

Because it’s not fun to play alone,

Come spend a day with me;

Summer is the perfect time,

I know you will agree.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Black screen Icons

Which black directors, actors, writers, and technical innovators do you think have been most influential in shaping film and television? 100 Black Screen Icons is a unique website that sheds light on 100 of the most significant black personalities in film and television and asks visitors to vote on their favourite in four different categories.
In the first-ever online poll of its kind, 100 Black Screen Icons features international personalities ranging from bankable stars such as Denzel Washington and Halle Berry to the critically heralded, among others.

To vote, visit the website at www.100blackscreenicons.com.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Would U date a short man?

Would U ever date a short man, U really love him and he has most of the personalities you want in a man but you are way taller than he is and you think he's not presentable. What would you do?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where is Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD)

Spread the word to the North, South, East and West, Richard Mofe-Damijo, the original glamour boy of Nollywood, Nigeria’s exploding movie industry is planning some exciting projects in 2007 that will take the industry by storm. RMD as he is fondly called is one of those top stars that were supposedly banned by Nigerian marketers but he was not fazed one bit. While the ban went one, the rugged Warri boy who strongly believes that his art and his good-given craft are priceless was busy concluding his law programme at the University of Lagos, earning his LL.B at the Nigerian Law School and making money from his consultancy firm, Whitewater.Talking of his project for 2007, RMD is about to turn Centrespread, the spell-binding book of his late wife and famous journalist, MEE Mofe-Damijo into an elaborate production project. Centrespread will be shot as a television series and film. Knowing RMD who is finicky about standards, I am sure he has laid out creative plans for marketing which will include merchandising.

Nigeria in Pics

They call it Oja iba, Ibadan

New One naira coin, looks fake to me sha (though)

Hmmmh! beginning of conspiracy?
Aeroplane-shaped house (Only in

Possession or Teenage prob?

She is a sixteen years old girl and came with her family to reside in Uk about 4years ago, she used to be a very good girl, a church goer with her family and she is calm.
But Is she now possessed or what? There was a time a question was raised that, When is the right time a girl should have a boyfriend

Girl: I think a girl should have a boyfriend at 16, because by then she is free to do anything she wants, she is an adult

Her teacher wrote her parents "As a parent you need to teach your children before putting them in school"
Her parents are embarassed, her Dad do everything to satisty her but she just doesn't care, her Dad gives her pocket money everyday and do all his best but she is just being possessed
When she cooks she cooks for herself and throw away the remaining food, instead of her to share the food with her siblings.
Everyone advises (sp?) her but she would do what pleases her.
She said she has a boyfriend and guess what most of the time she's on the phone talking until the
her phone start warming up.

There was a time at school her teacher says they want to talk to her parent, she didn't tell her parents at home, she went to tell one of her boyfriend who stood for her as her uncle, her Dad tried later to do the mean thing but she said she would report them to the police and if so they would be taken with her siblings to the social services where they eould be catered for, but her father is just too confused.

How do you think I can help this girl out? I can talk to her and I know she will listen to me, but what can I say to make her head come back to the right sense?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Funny; Toothbrush styles

What do you about these toothbrushes?

What other position can they be in apart form these?
The winner will ill ll l......

Note: Blog is always about gists anyways but some fun things have to come in between.

Miss Universe 2007

Everyone say Yeah! preferably people that are Fans of Miss Universe, its here again this year

Check out their website to know more http://www.missuniverse.com/ ....so lets see Nigerian contests



Do you think she can win? why?

Kunle Afolayan sets to WED

You all should know who Kunle Afolayan is well he's set to wed Tolu, the mother of his daughter on 26th of May this Year. As we all know Kunle Afolayan being Ade love's son is taking his Father's steps, he is well respected and handsome too.

Nigerian Carnival-London

They are appealing to all who have a positive vested interest in Nigeria to be part of the success of a Nigerian event in London. Naturally are interested in all individuals companies, organisations, charities etc who appear to be operating in parallel to regenerate Nigeria from abroad. they would like to explore the participation of everyone and this could be in various forms Attendance of event Website return links Sponsorship opportunities in any form Exhibition of products and services at the event VIP sections Pre/Post/Dinner parties

Currently they have full participation and support by the Nigerian High Commissioner His excellency ,Dr Christopher Kolade, are also registering sponsorship from large companies like Maltina , Western Union, and many others. The main African media organisations based in the UK are all on board such as BEN TV, The trumpet, Crystals Magazine, Gbedu Magazine, Choice FM to name a few. They are also registering participations from major Nigerian societies in the UK and abroad. The event could only grow from strength to strength as all Nigerians in the diaspora could come together in a massive carnival which strongly describes Nigerian wealth and creativity. They look forward to welcoming all Nigerians and visitors to the first and only Nigerian event that will unite us all. Attached is a copy of our flyer that has been going out to all, so please feel free to foward this email to everyone you know.

If you need more information or have any enquiries, you can visit their website at http://www.nigeriancarnival.com/ or contact me through my details below.

OR simply contact

Toyin Orowale

Nigerian Carnival- Partner

Phone: 07939 980026


You know what? don't just sit there and think what do I do best...oh ok I can draw, I can write or sing, don't exercise it only when you're asked to fill a survey, use it in your everyday life.
By this I mean when you have a very good talent such as singing and dancing, please I beg of you show it anywhere, maybe in church or anywhere you feel like, don't waste it and time is clicking please explore your talents and let everyone know you've got this big thing. Be proud of it.
Also put this at the back of your mind, if now you are too busy and can't travel anywhere, please when you know you're less busy, explore the world don't just sit there and feel I want to be a pharmacist, solicitor and wish what you dont feel will happen, exercise ur talents. ma 2cents